Mexico 2019 - The tremendous trip tip N°3

CDMXThree words, four letters, one capital. Ciudad de Mexico, also known as La Ciudad also known as our third trip (tip). Telchac flirted with the idea of going to CDMX even two years ago when we were in Mexico for the first time. His suggestions did not meet my idea of sunbathing on the beach so we "agreed" to leave it in his head. And here we were, going to CDMX with almost no warmer clothes (it was supposed to be around 23 degrees there and colder at night). Well, we hoped it was going to be sunny. 

There are plenty of flights to CDMX, so no problem there - we chose the cheapest ones and that was that. Then it came to the hotel, or hotels - it doesn't get old, really :D - so we chose two, one in Roma and the other at Av. Reforma. We chose the first one because:
a) we just saw the movie Roma :D
b) we wanted to see different parts of the city
We chose the second one because it was at the right spot when it came to our itinerary.  
The only thing that we had to do was packing…

Mexico 2019 - The tremendous trip tip N°2

Valladolid & ProgresoTwo days (aka weekend), two travel-bug-infectees and two destinations. Only one car, though :D. This was our second trip from Merida summed up. However, let me go more into details. Day one - Progreso, day two - Valladolid. And as the road from Progreso goes almost all the way back to Merida, we returned back home and did not book any hotel to sleep in. One could, therefore, say it was Merida - Progreso - Merida - Valladolid - Merida but not me, I will not say that. 
Our first stop on our way to Progreso was Sisal beach near Sisal (astonishing! Is it really near Sisal?!). Merida is inland so some vitamin sea was exactly what we needed. I will skip the beach part  (goes for Progreso beach as well) simply because you can read all about it here. So let's get to the Progreso (town) part. We had exactly zero expectations when it came to Progreso. Our only knowledge was that it was the closest beach town to Merida. And we left with the same feeling - no grand fee…

Mexico 2019 - The tremendous trip tip N°1

Tabasco & ChiapasTwo-month stay in Merida minus our working hours minus the time we spent exploring the city equals two longer trips and two one-day trips. Today I will tell you about our road trip (which was the first one, some two weeks after arriving in Merida). 

The itinerary was clear: Merida => Campeche => Villahermosa => Palenque => Agua Azul Waterfalls => Campeche => Merida. The car rental was confirmed. The last thing on the list was finishing work that day. And after we did we could happily set off. 
It's slightly more than two hours from Merida to Campeche, more precisely, to Uayamon where we were staying. Telchac found this beautiful Hacienda where we had our small villa for the night. Only one night there and checking in at 5pm, one could have thought nothing worth mentioning could have happened - but the opposite is true. 

After arriving at the villa and after a little walk around the hacienda we wanted to freshen up before the dinner. That was how…

Mexico 2019 - The big beach brochure

Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Sisal & Cancun As I told you in our last post, our first stop in Mexico was Playa del Carmen. However, first things first - if you haven't seen our posts from Costa Rica, especially the one about the beaches let's go do that cause you'll need it to understand from where we were coming (literally). 

Not to rush things, I'll start with our flight to Cancun. We were departing from Costa Rica in the morning which was awesome because otherwise, we could not have seen the AMAZING (trust me it's amazing, my number one) view! I'm absolutely thrilled we got to do that! Again, it was truly incredible!!! Go for the morning flight if you can!!! Unfortunately, I did not take any photos or videos because flying from CR also means that most probably your take-off can be a bit rough because of their ever-present morning winds. You don't really feel like taking your camera out when you're clutching your armrest. But trust me on this - it'…

Mexico 2019 - Introduction

Wondering why, when & where? Welcome and welcome back! Three weeks have passed (which is one too many, I know, but we've been stuck at work and I had no mental capacity to write this) and we're back with our CR/Mexican adventure. I have already told you everything about Costa Rica (basics, beaches, trips and everything else) so we are about to move to Mexico - quite literally. 

After landing in Cancun, we picked the car up and drove to Playa del Carmen where we stayed for 2 nights. After that we got in the car again and drove to Merida where we stayed for 58 nights and then got on the bus and went back to Cancun where we stayed for another 3 nights, then one night in Toronto and in a blink of an eye we were home. But let's not get ahead of ourselves - let me go step by step: car, location, Airbnbs, ... 
At this point, I need to warn you that I will mainly be talking about Merida. It was our home for two months and even if we did some trips I cannot describe life for exam…

Costa Rica 2019 - Everything exceptional

Everything exceptional The last episode of our CR miniseries (in a cool TV vocab ;)) will be about some of those small differences that make this country so unique. I'd like to think that we became somewhat more than ordinary tourists, not real Ticos, of course, but somewhere in between. We did some touristy stuff (more about that here) and some beach hopping (more about that here) but mainly we tried to enjoy our time there while fitting in with the locals (a bit difficult considering the "gringo" look that we might have) :D.

As I already told you, we had kind of a daily routine - woke up at 7am, did some work and went to the beach at 3pm. When we arrived, we could not enjoy the evening longer than till 7pm, cause I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer (jet lag) - I think it was only after two weeks when I could watch the clock strike 10pm for the first time. That explains our evening activities. After these two weeks, we usually read or watched a movie after dinner…