Venice is amazing! - Part 1

Venezia & Murano
"Your ultimate bucket list destination" - please read using the voice from every 50s' commercial that ever existed. This trip was (this is unexpected!) MY idea. To be honest it was an attempt to mock Telchac's deeply rooted hatred for touristy cities filled with masses. My inner urge to be mean did not quite translate as he liked it :D (as well as I did). 

Useful tip (that we had no clue about): check Acqua Alta forecast before going (and buying a plane ticket). If you're not keen on fishing and spending some time waist deep in (...shit is the obvious ending isn't it? :D) water, just google it. Here are some photos to support my claims. Btw this happened at the beginning of October and we just anxiously waited for the water to go away. Basic trip info: - duration: from Friday morning till Sunday evening - staying in: Cannaregio (part of Venice) - eating in: typical Italian bars - drinking in: basically everywhere, if you read this regularly you …

Greece - First impressions - Part 3

Athens & Costa Navarino
Long-awaited, filled with photos and tips - the last post about Greece is here! :D Just kidding, there will be no tips :D. No seriously, here's the last post about our trip to Greece. Today we'll be talking about things to do and see in the area. So let's get to it :)

To do Actually a lot! Just rent a car and explore. Our favourite combination is late breakfast, beach till late afternoon and then a little trip in the evening. Two of our trips were food based - Poseidonia & Katerina's Tavern. The other two were bit "trippier". First the Old Navarino Castle, then the Methoni Castle. We did Old Navarino in the morning, brave yourselves - before we had breakfast!!! Our main goal was to get back before the forecasted rain started and before we started to burn from the inside out. Both goals accomplished btw. 
Useful tip:start at the Divari beach where you can also leave the car. The road there is somewhat of a challenge but our car made…

Greece - First impressions - Part 2

Athens & Costa NavarinoLocation stays the same, what I'll be talking about changes. And this week it's everyone's favourite - the food! More specifically, the Greek food. Food is always an important part of our trips as we like to eat, eat good and eat a lot ;) So, don't be shy, feel free to read on and find out what we ate and where. 

Again, ignorant to the Greek cuisine, I didn't know what to expect. Of course, I was aware of the Greek salad but as I basically don't eat raw tomatoes (I know I'm weird) that isn't what I wish to eat :D. Except for that, common sense hinted we could be expecting a lot of seafood. And, despite our expectations and ignorance, it turned out pretty well! 
The first meal we had was pulled chicken with baba ganoush and chicken skewers with hummus both with pita, of course, and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. These were our first and then also last meals there :) First because it was basically the first thing we saw and last because I …

Greece - First impressions - Part 1

Athens & Costa NavarinoFirst of all, I am sorry guys we haven't posted for quite some time. To tell you the truth we've been swamped at work. It's just that simple. Our goal has never been to simply post for the sake of posting. We've always wanted to tell you our story, our point of you, to show you our best pics - you get the idea. Therefore when Saturday after Saturday came and I had written nothing I decided not to post anything (thanks to my amazing Telchac we could at least tell you about our exciting walk with the wolf which btw I wasn't really planning on writing about). Now we're back to talk about our adventures again, hopefully, you'll enjoy what we have for you. Thanks for checking the blog despite us not posting and thanks for reading!Basic trip details when: end of August 2018 where: see above ;) for how long: 5 days why there: weather, flights and did I mention the weather? and the beach? ;)  There will be three posts in total about this trip …

Austria - A Walk with a Wolf

Once-in-a-lifetime experience Hey, after some time, it’s me Telchac again. Hard to say, whether it was Hojancha or me who by chance found out about the Wolf Science Center in a small Austrian village called Ernstbrunn a year ago, but honestly it doesn’t matter at all. What matters is that early this year we booked a private walk with a wolf (and a trainer, of course) and last weekend it has become reality.
Useful tip: Book well in advance as there are far too many people wanting to experience it for the number of walks available throughout the year.

The Wolf Science Center is situated in the Wildpark Ernstbrunn a mere 40 minutes drive from Vienna. Except for the wolves, one can find other freely-roaming animals in large enclosures here, some of which you can enter. Among others there are does, deer, chamois, moufflons, capricorns, boars, sheep or goats. One can really spend a nice couple of hours here,watching/feeding the animals, hiking through the oak woods or just relaxing in the mead…

Spain - Part 3 - Day 3 & 4

DAY 3 & 4
Vamos a la playa, oh oh ohohoh! You sang that I'm sure you did :D. 
Our plan for the third day was to do nothing, to rent a car and drive to some of the beaches south of Valencia. We didn't want to go to the Malvarossa beach as it's probably the most crowded and we were worried our things might have got stolen (not because we're in Spain or something like that, just because these things can happen in crowded places when you're somewhat far from your stuff). 
So we chose Playa de la Garrofera which was just 20 minutes south of the city and several websites promised that there were sun umbrellas and loungers to rent (an absolute must when you want to stay for a whole day). At first, we parked at some abandoned parking lot but then I saw a fairly crowded one right next to the one we chose and we moved there (I may be paranoid but better to be safe than sorry, right?). After renting the loungers and sun umbrella (5 EUR/each) we finally did NOTHING. Sun, sand…

Spain - Part 3 - Day 2

DAY 2 Our plan was to have a small lunch and dos copitas de vino at Mercado Central ;) Then on to exploring the centre.    Useful tip: do not forget that the Spanish have (and like) their siesta. If you want to see the market in its 'full bloom' avoid coming here in the early afternoon. At 1pm we mostly saw the sellers packing their stuff up :D

It was around noon when we finally set foot outside. We planned another walk for that day (old town this time) but we were a bit skeptical after the day 1. What we saw and what I thought:
1) Plaza de la Virgen - really nice square, I just forgot to have a closer look at the fountain, I saw pictures from that side of the square and their beautiful - we just did the other side...also first time we saw Horchata - did not know what it was and with Telchac not trusting dairy products abroad :D we (meaning he) said we weren't going to try it (actually I just remembered we saw it the day before at the Art and Sciences Centre but they did not …

Spain - Part 2 - Day 1

Day 1 started a bit early for my taste but for a good reason! Telchac surprised me with a little boat trip so off we went. Our (for the few couple of hours) beautiful sailboat waited for us in the port. Both of us were a bit nervous considering our rich breakfast and the fact that we have never been sailing before. I'm happy to say that it was uneventful vomit-wise. My stomach wasn't really sure what to do when I started eating the delicious Jamón Ibérico and drinking the Rioja wine by Marqués de Riscal but as both me and my stomach are quite wise, we kept everything in. 

Then we decided to walk back. Nice "short" stroll across sunny Valencia. That was what we thought. Reality: hot as hell, I chose the wrong way so at one moment we were in the middle of this: 

How? I honestly, do not know. So we had to go back and it took us almost 3 hours instead of one to get to the hotel.  It was fun, no, now it's fun :D But there were surely some funny moments - right after…

Spain - Part 1 - Eve 1

First of all guys, maybe you noticed that we did not post last week. I had a little detox from blogging and Instagramming and so I decided that it's better not to post than to post some bullshit post that I would have typed in half an hour. We've been working (too much!) and struggling to find time for something else than sleeping. Now it's got a bit better, so here we are, let's see what we did in 
Useful tip: if you are not a fan of burning from inside out or feeling like you've been set on fire, do not visit Valencia during the summer. It was 33 degrees when we arrived - which was at 7pm. 

Now, that you know the most important thing, we can move to other important things :). No itinerary post this time as we planned to stay in Valencia (we made just one little trip, you'll see). So, without further ado: AFTER WE ARRIVED:
It all started with a bottle of Spanish Rioja with a side of Jamon Iberico - courtesy of my amazing boyfriend. So I unpacked, we kicked…

Cote d'Azur - Part 3 - All yachts everywhere

Antibes & Monte-Carlo We spent the next two days in Côte d'Azur in the same way - breakfast, pool & sunbathing and then a little trip. As the title suggests one day the destination was Antibes and the other it was the famous Monte-Carlo. 
Antibes - another port town where you can admire the yachts all day long. But if (or when) you eventually get tired of that, you can also check out the Nomad and the typical narrow streets lined with flowers. I don't have to tell you which street or where to go because these are everywhere and in whichever direction you choose to take, I'm sure you will find amazing places to admire. 

Our Monte-Carlo trip was a lot more eventful than Antibes. We started it in the Jardin Exotique de Monaco because I read (of course, on the TA) that the view is the best there (and it really was). You can see the town, the port and all the amazing plants and cactuses. The parking's not that far, around 500 metres a bit uphill (I made it in heels so…